Artel 13 – Kiselchovo

artel13A place of peace, creativity, soul caressing and real living.

We don’t have a shop, a pub or a Mall. Yet we have grandma’s cheese, beans, potatoes, honey and all that the ground gives birth to.

We don’t have straight nor smooth roads, highways or traffic lights. We have hills, meadows and waterfalls.

On one hand, don’t have TV, internet or mobile network. On the other we have amazing views, sunrises and enormous stars. We have the face-to-face communication and a bunch of interesting stories to tell at the fireplace. We still can communicate and we always have something to say to each other.

We don’t own a spa centre yet there’s the river.

We don’t have a cinema, theater or a book store yet we have the courage to write books, to build ourselves a library and a screening hall.

We don’t have a doctor – we have all the herbs in the mountain.

We don’t have a mayor nor a police mеn. We have our conscience, respect and gratitude. We know the universal laws.

We don’t have a constant paycheck nor a supervisor. We have our strong hands and a head on our shoulders.

We know that one day this life will end. But until then every day, in which we are alive we’ll fulfill truly and completely.